Your First Pelvic Floor Visit

I was reading to my son a Daniel Tiger story about what to expect when visiting his Pediatrician Doctor Anna. To help Daniel Tiger feel more comfortable, Daniel and his mom talked what will happen when visiting Doctor Anna. They even drew pictures to help him visualize. Going to a new doctor or healthcare provider can be scary especially when we don’t know what to expect. Even, I felt unsure when I was in my first class learning about the pelvic floor.

So let’s talk about what we will do during the first session.

1. Arrival: I will arrive 10 minutes early to your home or choice of treatment area to set up the massage table.

2. Discussion: We will talk about how you are feeling, concerns, and pains. We also discuss your goals and dream outcomes.

3. Explain: I will explain to you the different observations and assessments which will help us better understand your current physical baseline.

3. Assessment: The assessment will consist of posture observation, breathing, joint mobility, strengthening, and/or functional movements. With your consent, an internal pelvic exam is performed at this time. Depending on your specific issues, we perform other testing.

4. Plan: At this point, we will chat about the results of the assessments to create a plan for your treatment.

5. Initial Treatment: To start you on the right path, I will provided a few customized recommendations for your home exercise program to start on your wellness journey.

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable prior to your first therapy session! If you have not already, click the link following link to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION call.

To book your first initial in-person evaluation please call 512-881-9160.



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