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Mercier Therapy & The Shared Fertility Journey Program

Mercier Therapy and The Shared Journey Program is a holistic approach to conception and supporting your through your pregnancy. The Shared Journey Program is 6 weekly sessions of deep gynovisceral body work plus monthly follow-up sessions until conception or for one year. This program is utilized as a stand alone treatment to prepare your body for conception or along side medically assisted fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF.


What is Mercier Therapy?

A stand alone cycle without medical assistance is what is most natural and primal for your body. You will be guided to monitor your own ovulatory cycle along with our help for up to one year after finishing your therapy with us. 

The program is custom tailored to each individual woman’s situation and will be discussed in further detail at a consultation. 

When scheduling your consult please make sure to allow 60-90 minutes and bring any past medical records that may be helpful when discussing your history. During the consult a full medical history will be obtained as well as a pelvic organ mobility evaluation will be done. 

Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation modality. When increasing mobility whether your shoulder joint or your uterus you’re optimizing the true function of the area and helping to return blood flow which is therapeutic.

After deciding that this is the right next step for you,  you’ll receive 6 full hours of Mercier Therapy that is broken down into 1 hour intervals per week for 6 weeks.

The Mama Clinic Has Developed A Comprehensive Three-Step Process To Your Holistic Approach To Conception


At The Mama Clinic, our first step is to truly listen to your story.

We recognize that every person is unique, especially when it comes to postpartum issues. Each individual has a distinct body, history, and set of pain and symptoms. That’s why we prioritize open and meaningful conversations. We want to gain a thorough understanding of not only what’s happening in your body but also how it’s affecting your daily life.

Within the initial consultation, we will discuss your full medical history, lifestyle assessment,  physical assessment, and develop custom plan that best fits your needs. 

STEP 2 - Address the Root Cause

At The Mama Clinic, our objective is to identify the root cause that is contributing to your pain or difficulty conceiving. 

Our initial visit is designed to develop a complete understanding of your journey up till now including lifestyle and medical history.  During this visit, you will develop a better understand of your self and physical body. 

By the end of our session, you will gain insight into what is causing your symptoms, how long it will take to address them, and most importantly, you will build confidence in the fact that your problem can be resolved naturally!

STEP 3 - Follow Up Care

This is the stage where significant transformations occur. We develop a personalized plan that empowers you to…

…fully connect with your body.

…understand how lifestyle effects your hormones.

…reclaim intimacy in your relationships without the worry of discomfort or pain.

…rediscover confidence in your body to conceive. 

If you’d like to learn more about our availability and pricing before committing to a visit, we’re more than happy to provide you with that information. Simply ask us about availability and cost.

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