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The Mama Clinic is dedicated to supporting mama’s through their fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journey. We are here for you wether your goal is to lift your infant without pain, return to high level sports, enjoy intercourse, or preparing for labor. We are unique by providing ample time and attention to your needs. When you work with us we collaborate together to create a customized plan of care to support your health and wellness goals.

We do not file with insurance and are considered out of network (OON) provider. The mama clinic provides a Superbill which has all the necessary information for your insurance company to reimburse you a determined amount. The amount that is reimbursed is determined by your insurance company and the plan selected. We can guide you on what questions to ask your insurance company. Please check whether or not your insurance company requires requires preauthorization prior to reimbursing for therapy services.

Why don’t you accept insurance? The Mama Clinic chose not to have a relationship with insurance companies because your care should not be determined by a third party. You deserve the best care including 1-1 sessions with customized care plan determined by you and your therapist.

We are unable to provide physical therapy services to Medicare beneficiaries due to Medicare rules and regulations. The Mama Clinic is able to provide wellness and fitness to improve strength, conditioning, balance, and overall wellbeing. We are able to provide a options for in-network physical therapy providers upon request.

In Texas, physical therapist will request a referral after 10 consecutive business days. Practitioners who are able to write a referral are physician, chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistants, and advanced nurse practitioners.

Most insurance companies will reimburse pelvic health physical therapy services without a referral. It is best practice to check with your insurance company to understand their reimbursement policies.

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